Boat Registration for the 2016/17 Sailing Season

by / Wednesday, 19 October 2016 / Published in Latest News

Members must register their boats via the topyacht system for entry to the 2016/17 sailing season races.

To register please click the link below

Online Race Entry

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  1. Graeme says :

    Hi to the Club Captain or Sailing Manager,
    Firstly, would it be possible to access the list of registrants and their boat types, who are racing at BYS for the 2016/17 season?
    Second, … why does it take so long for the results of Saturday racing to be posted to the website. A problem occurs if a competitor gets to the Deck after the results have been announced, or if we can’t hear the results, and no Results Sheet is put up, or it is locked in the office, as it was today, and THEN there is a long delay until the results are actually posted, or some are posted and others are not. For example, today the results for the A/B Aggregate were posted early but not that for the C/R race.

    Graeme Minifie, Fast Company.

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