2018 Sabre Victorian Championships

by / Monday, 26 February 2018 / Published in Latest News
The 2018 Sabre Victorian Championships were hosted by Safety Beach SC last weekend, where BYS was well represented with 10 entries out of the 74 contestants. The Sabre appeal was demonstrated by the entrants ranging from the youth through to not so young in the Grand Veterans category plus 20% of the skippers were represented by the girls!
In the top 10 from BYS …. Wayne Bates dusted off 1610 and finished at a very respectable 3rd overall (first wooden boat), Geoff Smith 6thand Ethan O’Brien 8th (1st Youth).
In the top 20 …. John Petschel 13th (2nd veterans) followed by Martin Kudnig and Stephen Cowell also in the top 20.
Conditions were variable and challenging, with significant pressure differences and oscillations across the course, creating a mixed bag of results for most contestants over the 5 races. The conditions were similar to Blairgowrie except magnified, particularly with the variable offshore wind.
Overall, a competitive and well-run regatta.
John Petschel

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