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Partnering with local peninsula winery Quealy BYS is proud to offer some amazing specials over the queen’s birthday long week end. Members will have an opportunity to enjoy Simons select dishes paired with some amazing wines. Tasting notes on these delicious wines are below;

Pobblebonk 2015

A blend composed in the vineyard, each of the 5 complementary varieties performing a designated role dictated by their natural attributes. Pinot Grigio hits the palate first in a burst of bright-eyed acidity, ably reinforced by the muscular acidity of Chardonnay. Friulano, with its penchant for skin-contact, bestows texture and depth.

Moscato Giallo and Riesling are Pobblebonks’ aromatic double act. Crucially, both can be picked at 9% alcohol, harbouring acidity, fruit character and perfume. Early picking also means they arrive in the winery the same week as their earlier-ripening counterparts and enables co-fermentation. This sets the tone for the blend, whilst serving to reduce the alcohol of the other varieties.  This style of winemaking negates the need for acid additions or reliance on oak ageing to build aromatics. Tasting The beauty of Pobblebonk is the chorus of this vineyard quintet – the pink fruits of Pinot Grigio, the sullen strength of skin-contact Friulano contrasting with the tingling acidity and opulent aromatics of Moscato and Riesling. Co-fermentation of Pinot Grigio and Friulano  begins as a brooding, reductive moody wine ignited with  the blending of classic aromatic varieties; Moscato Giallo and Riesling. The palate is a colourful tapestry of whole citrus fruits, jasmine tea, and orange blossom with a  nutty background.


Tussie Mussie Pinot Noir, Merricks North. 2016

Winery Harvest date was 9th March, with various treatments of crushing and destemming into 3-ton vats. Only the free run was taken – once after a week and the balance of the tanks after 3 weeks. The free run then transferred into barrels, the early run off, creating the softer barrel ferment blend portion. Each of the barrels were racked several times over the year to enhance clarity and invigorate aroma. The wine is a rich earthy Pinot Noir, with clear cherry fruit aroma. The palate is soft and slippery with very fine tannin.


Quealy Rageous – A blend of vineyards; Panton, 100 Hunts, Musk Creek Sangiovese, Shiraz, and Pinot Noir First vintage 2006

Pinot Noir is picked late in the season to capture all the aromatics and voluptuousness. They start a ferment that the Shiraz & Sangiovese add to as they ripen a week later. This type of co-fermentation is to grab any tannin Pinot Noir has. There is a tipping point with tannin- if the ferment is low in tannin then the tannin will “drop out” over the following few weeks  or months. The Sangiovese provides the acid and  the astringency and the Shiraz has the spice and  the deeper burly tannins. Pressing is 4 – 5 weeks later, strictly free run.

The wine is transferred to French Oak for 24 months of integration and maturation. Tasting Sangiovese is the spine, quivering with acidity, sought out by Italians. Attached is the dark cherry, dried fig, roses, and warm embrace of Shiraz. Pinot Noir takes over the final furlong for a luxurious, satin-silk finish.

The deep, brooding, black olive, and cherry-ripe scented nose captures the Italian inspiration of Rageous. Neither light nor full-bodied, Rageous evolves across the palate as each variety vies for attention. The unconventional set of tannins, courtesy of the blend of varieties, are youthful and grippy, yet nicely rounded off by the oak. Acidity underpins this wine, weaving through smoky red cherry and sweet raspberry fruit. It has a juicy finish with bundles of flavour.


Save the date;

BYS will be hosting an exclusive wine dinner showcasing a decadent degustation menu paired with Quealy wines.

Working closely with Kath Quealy and the wineries sommelier Richard Schneider the best of the best will be offered at an exclusive wine dinner August 25th 2018 hosted in the commodores lounge.

Tickets will go on sale shortly as this will be a limited event.



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