The Ian Pender Memorial Award is bestowed annually on the BYS member whose volunteering efforts are considered to be outstanding and beyond what would usually be expected of a volunteer.

Ian Pender was especially active in Patrol Boat services from the time he joined BYS in 1960. Peer members from that era remember Ian as a tireless volunteer, who always turned up, gave his all on every volunteering occasion and nothing was ever too much trouble for him to take on. In those early days the club had very limited funds and indeed from time to time was dependent on a bank loan to fund its operations.  The need for patrol boats to provide a safety net to off-the-beach race competitors was becoming more and more difficult to service as competitor numbers increased.

Ian came forward and offered himself and his boat as a club patrol boat for many years. In addition to his voluntary services in 1961 and beyond Ian offered one of his other boats, complete with an inboard engine, to the club which became BYS Patrol 2. In season 1969-70 Ian’s donated patrol boat was particularly active conducting more than 100 hours of patrol duty and being responsible for some 40 rescues. By the early 70’s the boat had been renamed Patrol 3 and played a vital role in Patrol Boat crew training so perpetuating Ian’s commitment to volunteering.

Ian’s voluntary work continued and around Christmas 1972 he was one of several people supporting an attempt at BYS to break the then current sailing speed record  of 26.3knots  which had been set by an English boat ‘Crossbow’ at Portland UK in October that year. Ian helped lay the course and twice daily for eight days conveyed one of the official time keepers to and from the course.

The John Player Company had offered $2,000 to any boat that could break the record before the end of 1972. Despite the valiant efforts of three boats, their crews and the BYS volunteers’ gear failure and unsuitable conditions made it very difficult to equal let alone break the record. The attempt failed but gave great publicity and exposure to BYS thanks to Ian Pender and others involved.

The Ian Pender Memorial Award was introduced in the 1986-87 season to honour and encourage the volunteering commitment of Ian Pender. Its first recipient was Bryan McCarthy who was recognised for his outstanding volunteering commitment to sail training and has been awarded each year ever since.

1986-1987…. Bryan McCarthy
1987-1988 Jane Hurley
1988-1989 Jack Burland
1989-1990 Fay Kerrison
1990-1991 Tom Callander & Jim Kerrison
1991-1992 Priscilla Kopp
1992-1993 John Guggenheimer
1993-1994 Lin & Paul Paice
1994-1995 Brian Jennings
1995-1996 Maree Sargent
1996-1997 Roger Hewitt
1997-1998 Neville Spry
1998-1999 Geoff Watson
1999-2000 Bob Ironmonger
2000-2001 Geoff Warner
2001-2002 Dorothy Thomas
2002-2003 Carl & Jean Bode
2003-2004 Pauline & Ted Loakes
2004-2005 Bernie Chandler
2005-2006 Trevor Casey
2006-2007 George Vartabedian & John Hayes
2007-2008 Keith Redman
2008-2009 Felicia Brown
2009-2010 Phil Beattie & Andrew Lawson
2010-2011 Wayne Bates & Brian Jones
2011-2012 Lucy Harding
2012-2013 Tom Harris & Andrew Steenhuis
2013-2014 John Coppock
2014-2015 Russell Gloster