Bert Scott 1952 The founders of Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron donated Scotts’ shed and the slipway.
Louisa Scott 1952 The founder of Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron with husband Bert.  Donated Scotts’ shed and the slipway
Ron Williams 1957 For the enormous amount of work around the Club, gantry, slipway, construction of new gantry, patrol boat engine overhauls, manufacture of radio towers and building construction. Former Commodore.
Roy McGee 1965 Secretary for 11 years, maintained and operated radio for many years.
Roy Tapson 1966 Founding member of foreshore committee and representative for many years. Involved with wife Dot in the construction of the original building and slipway. Commodore and committee member for many years.
Allan Pizzey 1968 Former Commodore, builder of gantry and associated tasks, organised building of senior lounge during 1965-66 over 13 weekends.
Nance Pizzey 1971 Committee member responsible for trophies for many years. Start box operator.
Harry Reid 1972 Secretary for 13 years. Committee member who did wonderful service to BYS during difficult times:
K (Monty) Simes 1976 Former Commodore, Club Captain and President of Victorian Yachting Council. Conducted sailing and navigation programs for members.
Lew Barnett 1976 Former Rear Commodore, Treasurer and committee member. Responsible for patrol boats operation and maintenance and looked after Club repairs and maintenance.
Kit Barnett 1976 Operated the canteen for many years, nothing was a trouble. Involved in Ladies Committee and functions and assisted Lew with patrol boats.
Jack Morris 1976 Committee member, designer of gantry and slipway, built care for driving pile for old jetty. Anything that was needed, Jack built it!. Reconditioned the winch and the back stairway and installed the rock near the yardarm.
J Ross Crow 1980 Former Commodore. Maintained radio at very little cost to the Club for many years, assisted with building the gantry along with his son John.
Edgar French Compiled and wrote the history of BYS “The Miracle at Scotts’ Shed”. This was a great effort over a lengthy period of time with the assistance of his wife Margaret and the members. He was a very competitive sailor who loved BYS.
Margaret French Assisted husband Edgar in writing the history of BYS “The Miracle at Scotts’ Shed”.
Peter Bates Unlimited capacity for work around the Club. Involved in working bees, construction of gantry, slipway, retaining walls. Former Club Captain, very involved with and protective of junior members.


Harley Rutledge Former Commodore and experienced Treasurer. Overcame difficult problems faced by the Club in his capacity as Treasurer. Excellent bay and offshore sailor, participated in working bees and looked after burgees in senior lounge.
Jeff Hurley Former Commodore. Involved in all aspects of BYS. Former President of Victorian Yachting Council. Instigator of the Pertersville Regatta followed by the Nissan Regatta.
Jane Hurley In 1979 Jane opened the first BYS Shop by selling a few items spread out on the lawns of the Club. In the 22 years she managed the Shop she introduced many new items including jackets, caps and club uniforms. In the 1987-88 season Jane was awarded Club Person of The Year also known as  the ‘Ian Pender’ Award.
Paul Paice Patrol Boat Captain for many years. Refuelled patrol boats every weekend using a hand operated pump – ironically, the Club installed an electric pump upon his retirement.
Lin Paice Supported the work of husband Paul and also involved in race management, starter’s box and shop.
Bruce Colliver – 14 July 2002 Former Commodore. Contributed to the Club over many years culminating in the development of the Blairgowrie Safe Boat Harbour.
Ken Godfrey – 14 July 2002 Former Commodore. Contributed to the Club over many years culminating in the development of the Blairgowrie Safe Boat Harbour.
Bruce Harding – 14 July 2002 Former Commodore. Contributed to the Club over many years culminating in the development of the Blairgowrie Safe Boat Harbour.
Trevor Huttley – 14 July 2002 Former Honorary Treasurer. Contributed to the Club over many years culminating in the development of the Blairgowrie Safe Boat Harbour.
David Mason – 25 July 2004 Joined B.Y.S. in 1972 and served as Club Captain, Rear Commodore, Vice Commodore and Commodore between1977 and 1991. Has been Secretary of the Sailing Committee since1992 and race officer for A Class Worlds, Laser Worlds, Thunderbird Championships and many other classes between 1977 – 1995.
Helen Golder – 25 July 2004 Joined B.Y.S. in 1957 and served on the General Committee between1988 – 1989, the Sailing Committee since 1988 and has been race Officer in a number of major championships since 1988. Has been the coordinator and a volunteer in the start box since 1992.
Geoff Watson – 25 July 2004 Joined B.Y.S. in 1978 and served on the General Committee between 1989 and 1995 as Secretary. Was the Club’s first manager between 1995 – 1997. Introduced the sailability program to BYS in 2001, was a key volunteer for the I.F.D.S. World Championships during 2003 – 2004.Worked in yard slipping boats and assisting Members between 1980 – 2004.
Frank Paine – 17 July 2005 Joined BYS in 1977 and served as Treasurer from 1979 to 1981 and Secretary from 1982 to 1987, maintaining membership records without the aid of a computer. Served as Rear Commodore, Vice Commodore, Commodore and Immediate Past Commodore. Rewrote the Squadron’s Statement of Purposes and Rules, was always available to help whenever anything needed to be done and made a terrific contribution to BYS.
Judy Medley – 14 July 2007 Joined BYS in 1967, supported her husband John during his period as Commodore, served as radio officer and in the starter’s box, member of various social committees, tended to the Club gardens and actively participated, organised the trophies, assisted with food preparation, provided administrative support to the office staff.
Brian Jennings – 14 July 2007 Joined BYS in 1967, introduced and promoted the A class fleet for 30 years, served on the General Committee 1986-87, ran the A Class World Titles at BYS in 1987, served on the Sailing Committee for 20 years, sail trainer since 1996 and maintained the four Minnows owned for some time by BYS. Responsible for maintenance of fixed marks. Club Person of the Year 1994-1995.
Peter Lloyd – 23 July 2011 Former Commodore who has also been President of the Minnow Association, Vice President of the Victorian Yachting Council & served on the ’99 Worlds Committee. Peter will be remembered for his foresight and determination with his dream for a marina, instigating at his own cost initial plans and feasibility studies to present to the committee and members
Chris Wilson – 23 July 2011 Former committee member and Commodore during the construction period of development of the Blairgowrie Safe Boat Harbour. He helped to introduce catamarans to BYS. Served on the Yachting Victoria executive, is a Race Rules Judge and currently a member of the YV Race Officials Committee Advised BYS on regatta management and racing rules issues for some major events sailed at Blairgowrie and continues to chair protest committees at BYS as required.
Bernie Chandler – 21 July 2102 Bernie’s sustained contribution to BYS in managing the yard and slipway operations over an extended period of time has been outstanding and is unquestioned. It has been highly visible to both members and visitors alike, representing a service for which BYS can be justifiably proud. Bernie is focused on solutions and his professional engineering experience means he is a terrific asset to BYS in this respect.
Robyn Kamer – 21 July 2012 Robyn Kamer joined BYS in 1981. She served on the Boating Committee for in excess of 10 years and also served on the General Committee for over 10 years. Her dedication to all things related to junior sailing has been outstanding. Robyn has been active as a start box team leader and OOD for as many years, has assisted the Junior Club Captains, organised the trophies for presentation night, coordinated sail training and fundraising, including some very memorable Trivia Nights and even spent many years serving behind the bar!