TasarEThe TASAR made a welcome return to BYS last season after about a decade of absence. Nine boats are preparing to sail and race this season with strong interest being shown by many more Blairgowrie members who see the benefits and joys of sharing the sailing bug with their families.
So, what’s all the fuss about?

The TASAR is a GRP foam sandwich construction, measuring 4.52m in length and weighing 68kg, which means its easily managed on a beach dolly.  It was designed by Frank Bethwaite of Sydney and Ian Bruce of Canada (of Lasar fame) in the late 1970s. It has become a very popular international class with large fleets in Europe, Asia, North America, Japan and Australia. It’s a fast, responsive, high performance and light weight one design international class recognised by ISAF – and it does all of this without the complexity of a trapese or kite.

Who can sail it?

The TASAR is ideal for husband/wife and parent/child combinations, meaning it’s not just the kids at BYS who can enjoy all this sailing fun. The welcome introduction of 2-handed Tasars and Pacers at BYS ensure a more complete sailing career path for sailors and parents who want to share their passion with their partner/spouse or children.

There are active Associations in each State of Australia with regular State and National regattas with World Championships every two years. The previous World Championships were conducted in Thailand in 2007 and last year they were held in Japan. The 2011 worlds will be held in the UK. The class in Australia is renowned for its camaraderie, support for new sailors and for its challenging racing at all levels of ability.

Evolving with the times.

While the TASAR is a strictly one design class, it has permitted gradual, but appropriate, technical evolution which ensures it keeps pace with advancing technology and modern sailing requirements. These developments keep the TASAR relevant and challenging and at the cutting-edge. For example, three years ago, the TASAR moved to a Mylar sail wardrobe, which has given the class an exciting new lease of life.