BYS at Airlie Beach – Wrap up Report!

Airlie Beach Wrap Up
Well what a glamour week of sailing and weather we had.  There was only one day where the wind blew up to 25 knots.  Most of the days we saw 7 to 13 knots of breeze with mainly flat water. The racing was very competitive with over 100 boats competing.  Many of the starts were down wind with some spectacular sailing around the islands.  Watch out for the currents, the whales, the tides and those hidden rocks.
CarreraS owned by Gerry Cantwell came third in Div 1 racing against the likes of some old maxis such as HELSAL3.  The maxis just chewed up the long reaches.  HOTEL owned by Jenni Maclean and John Coppock came tenth in Division three followed by MEL in thirteenth spot out of sixteen.  Each evening the crews gathered at Whitsunday sailing club for the results announcement.  Pictured below are some of the team from MEL enjoying a quiet one before the results being announced.
On the social side all I can say is that BYS held up its end especially on the lay day long lunch at Hemmingways’ restaurant on Marina.  It entailed five courses followed by espresso martinis at the sunset.  It was a picture perfect afternoon for all.  I’d have to say that BYS had the best team of dancers on the deck.
A wonderful experience for all who participated. Onwards to Hammo!!!
Greg Lewis
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