From BYS Sailability – thank you to Sorrento Rotary for the donation of $500 for Sailability Blairgowrie .

We have purchased two items to replace equipment on the Hansa 303 yachts which are used to provide sailing experience for people of all ages and all abilities.

The first ‘worn out’ item is a fabric seat which bears the weight of the skipper and crew in the yacht. They sometimes need to stand on this seat when boarding and disembarking. It is strong fabric but it does not last for ever. Some of the yachts are 18 years old and various parts have been replaced over time such as sails etc. The second item is a rudder blade. The early model rudder blades were lead weighted and weigh 3.6 kilos. Later models weigh 2.1 kilos. These have to be inserted into the housing called a rudder box. The lighter rudders are much easier to manage, especially for our older volunteers. We have many procedures designed to make things as easy as possible. We want to replace about four of the heavy rudder blades as funds become available. This one will be a start!

Once again, thank you to Sorrento Rotary for their support for what we all believe is a worthwhile community program.

Brian Jones, Coordinator Sailability Blairgowrie