As BYS, and sailing in general, moves towards running safer on-water events, several members participated in an Equipment Auditor course run at BYS over the weekend. The course covered the range of standards imposed by the sailing authorities as well as those required by state law. All of which need to be carried by boat sailing within the club.

One of the key points coming out of the course was the lack of understanding of the standards and interpretations of the rules regarding safety items carried on your boat. Each year checks and audits will be carried out on yachts sailing in BYS events and the new auditors will be happy to guide you through any issues. Some key points that came out of the checks carried out on two club members’ yachts were not the usual issues i.e. flares/torch etc, but instead naming of equipment on the boat lifeline not meeting standard and first aid kits being out of date.

Other items checked were seacocks and plugs, found not to be attached, lack of water carried and required paperwork not being on the boat. Therefore when you fill out your declaration this year please ensure you go through each item and check that you comply, as you will be audited and results may be affected if you fail to meet standard.  Remember this is for you and your crew’s safety.

Cat 5-6 forms will be available shortly on the club website, along with season 2019-20 entry forms.

Our new club auditors are: Denis Liubinas, Andrew Lawson, Phil Beattie, Gordon Hyde, Phillip Endersbee, Megan Bolton and Mark Hayden.

Congratulation to everyone who attended and thanks to our instructors on the day – Marissa and Mark who braved the rain just as we headed out for our practical! Thanks to Phil and Denis for offering their yachts as check boats (they both have a list now that needs to be correct prior to the start of the season).