Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron’s mission is to be a progressive, friendly club that brings together families, friends and the community to promote sailing and associated activities.


The current sailing pathway at BYS is again going from strength to strength. The club caters for the full family unit through Tackers (7 – 12-year old’s), Junior Sail Training (7 – 12- year old’s in minnows), Youth Sail Training (both racing and recreational), Youth Development in lasers and the club owned J70 sports boats and SheSails in the club J70s. The 2020-21 summer saw the following enrolments.

  • Tackers – 90
  • JST – 52
  • YST – 22
  • J70 – 13
  • SheSails – 87

The current J70 program was initially set up by the club with a focus on retaining current and attracting new youth (18 – 25-year-olds) members. The club has purchased one J70, with a second J70 being donated by the Kudnig family. These are utilised for adult learn to sail programs, SheSails programs and youth training and retention.

Youth Program:

The youth program consists of club racing and training for state/ national youth focused fleet, team, and match racing regattas. The program has become so successful that there is now a wait list of youth wanting to utilise the club boats.


The availability of the two club J70s has invigorated the BYS SheSails program in 2021. This program has a focus on introducing females to the sport of sailing and facilitating a pathway into ongoing crewing and boat ownership. The program has proved to be so successful that we currently do not have the capacity to meet the demand.


BYS is looking to purchase a third J70 to support both the retention and development of BYS youth and female sailing members and increase the capacity of our adult learn to sail programs. A fund has been set up through the Australian Sports Foundation to allow 100% tax-deductable donations to be made by BYS members and supporters (https://sportsfoundation.org.au/what-we-do).

The research done by Australian Sailing and clubs in general shows that once junior members reach university age, they drop out of sailing due to parental support ceasing and sailing programs clashing with university timetables. To retain these members, club’s need to be able to supply boats at a reasonable cost, support participation, and create programs that align with university timetables and focus on social engagement.

Furthermore, the research on female participation in sailing and sport in general shows females are looking for a club that offers sailing programs that allow flexibility, variety, fun and the ability for participants to set and achieve their own goals through the use of club boats, good coaching / mentoring and with likeminded women.


The objective of the fund is to help support our youth and female members through:

  • The purchase of a third club owned J70.


The BYS J70 Fund will be overseen by the BYS Executive Committee. The use of funds will be in alignment with the aforementioned “Statement of Need” and the club’s mission and key pillars of Family, Friendship, Sailing.



Item Estimated Amount
Third J70 Sports Boat $50,000


All donations to this fund can be made through the Australian Sports Foundation “BYS J70 Fund” at https://asf.org.au/projects/blairgowrie-yacht-squadron/blairgowrie-yacht-squadron-j70-fund/