As we know, BYS relies on the selfless dedication, skills and knowledge of a large pool of volunteers to be the successful club we all love, and each year the Ian Pender Memorial Award is given to the BYS member whose volunteering efforts are considered to be outstanding and beyond what would usually be expected of a volunteer.

The Ian Pender Memorial Award, or as it is also known “The Club Person of the Year Award” honours Ian Pender who spent many years from the time he joined BYS in 1960 as a devoted and enthusiastic volunteer.

At the recent AGM, the Executive Committee recognised Andrew Graham, or more affectionally known as ‘Mr G’ as this year’s recipient of the Club Person of the Year award.

Andrew with his caramaran

15-year-old Andrew with his catamaran at Mount Martha.

Mr G has been volunteering in many different capacities around the club since he joined 23 years ago. He was Deputy Club Captain for many years as well as the Club’s Treasurer. He’s been a passionate supporter of the Sabre class. He’s done the annual boat rack allocations for many years. He currently serves on both the Finance and Membership sub-committees where he has strong hands-on roles in areas such as the annual budget, financial forecasts, our membership strategies and a planned new website. And of course, he has been fondly recognised for many years for his particular passion for the upkeep and care of the lawn!

Mr G has epitomized volunteering at BYS through his words “volunteering and giving to the club is an enduring part of our BYS culture. Whether on land or out on the water, – it’s what makes us a club”.

By all accounts, the look on Mr G’s face once Vice Commodore Martin Kudnig had spoken sufficiently to reveal the identity of the winner was priceless. Similarly, the rare sight of him being lost for words in front of a microphone was also a first!

On a final note – the actual Pender trophy board which normally resides in the Racing Lounge – has been missing for several years. If anyone knows its whereabouts – do let the office know!

Andrew on his beloved Sabre, Crisis? What Crisis?