Featured Artists

The following artists have been selected as the featured artists in the 2021 Easter Art Show – please click their name to find out more:

Ronald Tan

Ronald Tan is a hobbyist seascape and landscape photographer. Tan grew up in Melbourne and first learnt photography in his teenage years shooting black and white film. He ventured into the world of digital photography during his university years which allowed him to hone his skills and develop an eye without having to worry about the cost of shooting and developing film. Tan primarily shoots local seascapes on the Mornington Peninsula but also enjoys general landscape photography and more recently aerial photography.

Claire McCall

Claire McCall is in her early thirties had not yet discovered painting but had always found herself drawn into art galleries in passing. It was a single exhibition by one wonderful artist who inspired her to turn all her attention to art and to try her hand at impressionist oil painting and she has not looked back. Claire is a self-taught artist and much of her process has developed intuitively over the years rather than by the ‘rules’. Claire’s unique style is rapidly gaining recognition across Australia with a number of awards to her name.