303 Access Dinghy

What’s to like about the Access Dinghy?

The 303 Access Dinghy is ideal for people with limited mobility. It is a terrific boat to learn in during strong winds but feel secure.
Take an active part in the sailing process.

This is a great boat if you’re new to sailing with an instructor sitting alongside you showing you how to do it.

The program is available to everyone, from the very young to the senior would be sailor.

People with a disability are also able to sail. Solo or with help.

Help us to help others experience and learn.

Sailing and non sailing adult helpers can also participate and giving something back to the sport they know and love.

Join as a BYS Volunteer Member

Progress to sail other yachts

Join a yacht club and compete in racing

More information?

Contact Brian Jones on 59857465, email abjones@pac.com.au
Or come to the Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron. Sailing season for this activity Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.