The BYS Sailability Program uses the 303 yachts that are ideally suited to many who would like to try sailing.

  • You don’t need special clothing.
  • You don’t have to have your own yacht.
  • You don’t have to be sure you like sailing.
  • You can be very young (18 months), or rather older (80+ years!).
  • We provide the life jackets.
  • We teach you the basic sailing skills. You can sail with a friend who knows sailing if you wish or we can help you to learn how it is done.

We only ask for a gold coin per session. You don’t have to join the club. That can come later if you get really hooked on sailing as a sport.

If you are in a wheelchair we have a sling and a crane to get you into the yacht.

The yacht has a big keel so it cannot tip over – it will lean a bit but that adds to the fun.

If this seems to suit you and your family, then contact us for further advice, including details of sailing sessions.
For more information about the BYS Sailability program please contact Brian Jones on 5982 0456 – 0466 273 874 or email

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