Tackers (4-12yrs)

2021/22 Tackers Sailing Pathway Program:  Registration is OPEN


The Tackers Sailing Pathway is an introductory, fun, games-based sailing program designed for children aged 7 to 12. Children don’t require any sailing experience or a club membership to participate. The only requirement is that they are ready to have fun! All equipment is provided. Parents also get to join in the fun with a ‘parents Coffee & Club Tour’ on Mondays and a Free Sailing Experience on Thursdays of the Tackers Course.

Meet new friends, learn a new skill and enjoy our beachside location.

The Tackers learn to sail program is either delivered as a 4 or 5-day holiday program during January. Children receive a Tackers kit and a certificate of achievement at the completion of each program. The Tackers program is delivered in small groups by an Australian Sailing qualified Instructor and Assistant Instructors.



New to BYS in 2022 is Little Tackers!

Little Tackers is a fun, safe and exciting way to get into sailing. It introduces 4-6 year olds to the basics of sailing, boats and the beach through lots of games on and off the water

Registrations Open Now!


2021/22 School Holidays:

Tackers Course cost is: $350. Please note courses are subject to the COVID-19 regulations


Little Tackers: Saturday 8th January (10am – 12pm) – Register Here

Week 1:

Tackers 1: Dec 29-Dec 31 (9am – 2.30pm) – Register Here

Week 2:

Tackers 1: Jan 4- Jan 7 (9am – 12.30pm) – Register Here

Tackers 2: Jan 4-Jan 7 (1pm – 4.30pm) – Register Here

Tackers 3: Jan 4 -Jan 7 (1pm – 4.30pm) – Register Here

Week 3:

Tackers 1: Jan 10-Jan 14 (9am – 12.30pm) – Register Here

Tackers 2: Jan 10-Jan 14 (1pm – 4pm) – Register Here

Tackers 3: Jan 10-Jan 14 9 (1pm – 4pm) – Register Here

Week 4:

Tackers 1: Jan 17-Jan 21 (9am – 12pm) – Register Here

Tackers 2: Jan 17-Jan 21 (1pm – 4pm) – Register Here

Tackers 3: Jan 17-Jan 21 (1pm-4pm) – Register Here

2022 Easter Holidays:

Tackers 1: Apr 19-Apr 22 (9am – 12.30pm) – Register Here

Tackers 2: Apr 19-Apr 22 (1pm – 4.30pm) – Register Here

Tackers 3: Apr 19-Apr 22 (1pm – 4.30pm) – Register Here

LEARN TO SAIL FAQsclick here to visit the FAQs page

Course Syllabus

Tackers 1 is all about having fun! Kids sail in pairs in small boats, this is a great way to introduce kids the water and the feeling of being being on the water in a boat. Sailing with others in their group is a great way to meet friends.

Tackers 2 is about learning tricks and techniques to help the kids sail the boat, and if they are feeling confident, they can sail the boats on their own with lots of support, supervision and envouragement from our Australian Sailing qualified Instructors and Assistant Instructors

Tackers 3 is all about sailing fast! This is a chance for the kids to sail boats on their own, learning how to make the boat go faster and playing more games, all whilst under the guidance and supervision of  our Australian Sailing qualified Instructors and Assistant Instructors

Where to next?

The fun doesn’t stop when kids finish The Tackers Sailing Pathway. Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron, offers a number of programs for kids to progress their sailing skills;

The Junior Sailing Training further develops foundation skills and introduces the kids to fun racing where kids learn how to go around a race course with kids of similar ability, and the focus is on enjoyment.

The OutThere Sailing Experience provides a range of on-water activites to try; such as sailing, powerboating, stand-up paddle boarding and windsurfing in a social environment where teenages are able to cultivate real friendships.