OutThere Sailing is the ideal way to have fun and get active on the water. This Victorian based pilot program is aimed at 12-17 year olds who would like to try sailing, windsurfing and/or paddle boarding. On top of these, there are also fun powerboat and keelboat experiences along the way. The aim of the program is to have fun, spend time with friends and learn new skills. All OutThere Sailing programs are delivered by qualified Australian Sailing Instructors.

The program is designed to keep friends together. So a person on OutThere Sailing 1 and OutThere Sailing 2 can sail together. There are two skills sets to develop in the form of helming and crewing. Ideally getting a balance between both is great but if you would prefer to do one over the other there is plenty of ways to have fun. OutThere will also focus on the social element of a club environment, simply enjoying time spent with peers whether that be on the water, on the beach or in the clubhouse.

OutThere Sailing Experience sessions are all about having fun and getting a taste for on water activities. This action packed program will give you the opportunity to try one or all of the following, sailing, windsurfing, stand up paddle boarding, powerboating and keelboating.

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